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“Thank you, Rose and all the staff for the professional help CareGivers Home Health Care provided in our time of need. Without your agency our family would have had a difficult, if not impossible, task in trying to care for the one we dearly loved in our home.”

Dennis Fodchuk
Spruce Grove, AB

Terminally Ill Care Team

A palliative care team of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Nursing Assistants are available for our terminally ill patients. Since it is the “dream” of many if they become terminally ill to remain in their own homes during their final convalescence, we make their dream come true.

Our clients want to know “What do we do in the home?” The answer is “everything to maintain the client in his/her own home during their terminal illness”.

We work closely with Capital Health home care to meet the needs of our patients. Home care representative supplies the equipment. A hospital bed is set up in the home in a convenient and central location when the need is there to be constantly bedridden. Home Care offers the supplies necessary to be maintained in the home e.g. bandages, tubing for cylsis and intravenous lines, butterflies, etc. everything that will be required.

Our nurses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to give the required medications, care assistance, dressing changes, monitoring of narcotic pumps, cylsis lines and intravenous lines. Literally everything!

Nothing is left undone - our nurses are qualified to facilitate our patients completely in their own homes as part of a team player along with their physician and Capital Health Home care.

Our rates for this very special service is considerably more reasonable than other agencies. We do this in an effort to encourage our clients to remain in their homes where they are much more content than going into institutions. The need for the terminally ill to remain at home surrounded by their family is great at this time and we at CareGivers Home Health Care Inc. are pleased to offer this service to our community.